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“China Blue”


This cabinet is completely one of a kind.  It has had hours of planning, labour and detail poured into it.  Each element has been meticulously thought out and positioned with the ultimate care and attention.


The main colour is Vanity Blue by Fleur.  To me, it was a feminine blue that begged to be celebrated.  I opted for an oriental feel to launch the start of “The Lotus Collection”.


The off white is a mix of Fusions Goddess Ashwagandha and Picket Fence, created to mimic the ancient whites of Chinese ceramics.


So lets start with the sides- both glass cabinets have an etched design on the glass, a subtle cluster of flowing leaves and then a glorious peacock fabric decoupaged onto their backs.  The cherry blossom is carried on from the fabric in gold onto the sides and the glass shelves allow you see every detail within the Eastern themed fabric behind.  Even the ‘roof’ of the cabinet is stencilled!


The bottom cupboard is backed with metal gold leaf and the oriental feel shines through on this with a blue cherry blossom stencil continuing the theme.


The doors are an added surprise, you are greeted with elegant off white and gold peacocsk framed in gold, with added 3D blossoms for that ultimate opulence.  These are doors you will never want to close.


The top cabinet has a glass holder both on the pull down section and the internal section.  Each element has been thoroughly made over, each element has been lovingly considered and each element only adds to next.  Again, the blossoms on top are off white and gold and really add to the overall oriental vibe.  There is a lemon squeezer and also cocktails spikes included, so there is no need to wait to start the party.


Externally the wood has been brought to life with osmo oil and framed with the blue, off white and gold.  There are more blossoms carefully placed to add interest and integrity to theme.


This cabinet is the ultimate in luxury, style and artistry.  It is one that will never be repeated and I will forever hold it dear to my heart.  It has been an absolute pleasure to bring this one to life.

Blue China Display Drinks Cabinet & Cocktail Bar

  • Height: 110cm

    Depth: 28cm

    Length: 118cm