Francesca was initially meant to be blue, but when I pulled the blue from the shelf, the green fell to the floor and the lid split in two.


So... Francesca spoke louder and screamed she’d like to be green!

Here we have her.


She’s had her top, doors and drawers fully sanded back to bare wood.

It so happens that after 1.5 hours of getting the thick varnish off the top, that the grain wasn’t that pretty, so instead I’ve painted the top, but kept that beautiful blonde wood trim by masking off both sides, one at a time and making sure that little detail shone through.


The doors and drawers have had their own make over, desperately trying to keep as much pretty grain as possible.


There are hints of King Gold in Pebeo Gilding wax continuing the very regal feel for this beauty.


She’s very elegant on the outside, but she could definitely hold a secret party inside. 

Francesca Regency Sideboard

SKU: FSB2020