He has arrived.


John Marc is the British Juan Marco. He is suave, he’s handsome and he’s got a load of *ahem* appeal.


When this fella came to me was already beautiful, but I could see further potential.

He had too many shelves for a true drinks cabinet, so work began to transform him.

He’s had his previous shelves removed, the tracks filled, sanded and painted and in the true spirit of upcycling I have cut down the old shelves and repurposed them- sitting on beautiful gold supports.


The grain on this beauty required no additional design, from the moment I laid eyes on him I knew I wanted the grain and the legs to take centre stage.


So here we have it. A sleek design that will wow any person in any room and he’s available now.

Who’ll be taking Mr John Marc home? 😏


This cabinet has been refinished in a custom mix of fusion mineral paint with a metal gold leaf back.

The legs have been gilded in pebeo wax with accents on both the doors and those wonderful mid century style legs.


The shelves are green with a gold trim to tie in with the rest of the cabinet and give a great design when the doors are closed.


I refinish many of these cabinets and I’ve never come across this style before. This is a true gem with an absolutely stunning wood grain. They don’t tend to hang around long, so if you love it as much as I do, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

John Marc MCM Drinks Cabinet

SKU: JM2020
  • Height: 112cm

    Width: 122cm

    Depth: 37cm