This quality piece of mid-century furniture has been given a modern twist.


Th brand is Hubbinet- a classic brand from the era.


Refinished in Farrow & Ball pitch black, the cabinet now has a modern feel, but with all charm of MCM still included.

There is a fire-retardant velvet back with original Made by Murphy design- Carnival of Souls.


There are 2 sliding glass doors and 2 strong glass shelves.  The bottom of the cabinet is also protected by a glass bottom.

The black against the velvet is a beautiful contrast, but there are also 3 lights fitted to the top via magnet.  These are colour changing and when switched on highlight and change the colours in the fabric beautifully.  They are remote controlled, so you can change the lights to suit your mood.

MCM Glass Display Cabinet

  • Height: 98cm

    Depth: 28cm

    Width: 91cm