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Moonlight Blossom


This delicately designed Art Deco bureau has been reinvented and transformed into a luxury drinks cabinet.


The main colour is “Sterling” a beautiful, cool light grey which compliments the papered backs and sides perfectly.  The cranes and blossoms wrap around the inside of the cabinet, telling a story from one side to the other.


The display cabinet has 3 curved glass shelves on each side, original to the piece and yet in immaculate condition.  They provide ample storage for glassware and bar paraphernalia. There is a cool toned light on each side to light up the display areas and really give the “moonlight” effect.


There are 3 deep drawers, lined in matching paper. These provide additional storage- perhaps for  cocktail books, shakers or even dinnerware and napkins.


Pull down the bureau section to reveal a fully mirrored interior and drinks preparation area, which illuminates with a motion sensor.  The stunning cranes also make an appearance inside, tying the whole design together.


The wood grain on this incredible cabinet has a deep and rich tone, really showing off the best qualities of walnut veneer.  The contrast between the wood and light grey adds extra dimension to the piece and gives the eyes something to focus on wherever you look.


There are gold feet and gold accents around the doors, drawers, the cabinet top and also the small floral details that adorn the drawers.


This understated, feminine cabinet would make a beautiful focal point in any room.  If it happens to be purchased as a valentines gift (either for you or a loved a one), it will include a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates to start the celebrations off!



Height- 112 cm

Depth- 32cm

Width- 122 cm

Moonlight Blossom Art Deco Cocktail Bar

SKU: LotusMoon
  • Dimensions-

    Height- 112 cm

    Depth- 32cm

    Width- 122 cm