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It is common to research an item when it comes into the workshop.  Unfortunately its not always easy to find out about the history despite in depth detective work.  This little bureau made life easy though, it came with a Patent Number and the story from the seller himself.


The design to have a bureau with a secret drinks compartment in the back was patented by the sellers father back in 1935.  He invented the mechanism you will find on the top lend corner.


Here at Made by Murphy, we have taken it one step further and added mirror, a light and cocktail spikes to really make that secret section extra special.


Lets get back to the beginning though.  The outside is an adaptation of an original Made by Murphy design.  The gold lines wrap fully around the outside of the cabinet and also onto sections of the inside.  The colours are Hague Blue, Duck Green, Shaded White and Pelt, all by Farrow & Ball.  There has been wood left on show, nourished by Osmo Polxy-Oil in satin to match the finish of the paint.


The bureau sits on 4 beautifully formed Queen Anne legs with claw and ball feet.  There are 2 deep drawers, inside painted in Duck Green and nourished externally with furniture balm with a gentle lime scent.


Open the pull down section to reveal the bureau section with dividers- perfect for all your office needs.  There is a small drawer and the decorated pull down has ample space for a laptop and notepad.


When the day is done, reward your hard work with a sneaky tipple from the back.  Simply depress the button on the top left and watch the dividers swing open to reveal your secret stash in the back.


This really is one that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.  It is by far one of the most exciting items of furniture I’ve had the pleasure to work on.

Bureau with Secret Drinks Compartment

  • Height- 117 cm

    Depth- 41 cm

    Width- 71 cm

    Height from Floor to Desk- 74 cm