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“Mr Murphy”

At first glance this fellow is sleek and stylish, however once you get to know him there’s so much more than you might have thought.

Mr Murphy has been completely stripped back to bare wood to reveal the most beautiful grain and colour. 

The paint colour is a custom mix - a deep blue/green. 

The Victorious stencil from the Made by Murphy and Stencil Up collection has been used on the inside and the matching wooden onlays have been painted gold and added both outside and inside the cabinet to give it a tactile ‘wow’ effect.

There’s a matching taped design to the back of the cupboards and also to the top- no stone has been left unturned. No matter where you look there is something to draw the eye. 

New mirrors and a new light complete the transformation so that despite being vintage, despite being previously loved, this statement drinks cabinet is been completely overhauled to start a new life with a new owner.

Will it be you?


Height- 94.5cm
Depth- 50cm
Width- 137cm

Mr Murphy Sideboard Drinks Cabinet and Bar